PENCILEYEZ: The Brief Review


PENCILEYEZ (say: pencilize) is a South African based company that had its informal inception in the year of 2005, when its founder, Clement Mabunda, began commercializing his artworks in the infancy of that year.

In this technologically advanced age, we like to think of PENCILEYEZ as an online gallery where (pencil) artworks can be viewed, equally for their visual pleasure, as well as provide onlookers with the opportunity to own some of the pieces by way of purchase.

The artist(s) of PENCILEYEZ have a unique approach to art, using a new toning technique that has been pioneered by a few innovative artists; a technique that leaves pencil artworks looking immaculate and true to reality. This artistic approach has become a favourite, not only by our artists, but by our clients alike. We are confident that the sample artworks on our Gallery page elegantly bear witness to this.

Over-and-above our online presence, our marketing strategy has involved holding public exhibitions at shopping centers in an effort to bring the art to the people, appreciating always that viewing artworks in person can be quite an experience. Over the years, it has become obvious that utilising these two platforms – the virtual and actual platforms – has proved to be a pleasure and a convenience for our art lovers.

It brings us particular pleasure to introduce you to our vision and share our artistic products with you.